The Team

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Daniel “Jordan” Bholla


All the way from the North Woods, Daniel “Jordan” Bholla is our starting Canadian Rocket League player. He joined Alpine in June 2020. Jordan fills out the Alpine Rocket League roster as our jack-of-all-trades. When play time’s over, Jordan loves to shoot hoops or hit the road with his mad-dash bicycle.

Alpine Jordan
Alpine Majic

Christopher “Majicbear” Acevedo


Christopher “Majicbear” Acevado represents Alpine Esports as the youngest player on the starting Rocket League roster at 15. He joined Alpine in June 2020. Known for his incredible mechanics, Majicbear is one of the youngest competitors in RLCS X but he’s proven he can trade blows with the best players in professional Rocket League. When he’s not practicing in-game mechanics, he’s focused on basketball.

Oliver “Percy” Ortiz

Mexico / USA

Representing America and Mexico, Oliver “Percy” Ortiz is a starting roster member on Alpine Esports’ Rocket League team. He joined Alpine as part of the original RLCS roster in 2020. Known for his defensive expertise and surgical play, Percy was listed as one of “Five Rookies to Watch in RLCS X” by When he’s not in-game, “Percy” takes to the outdoors for hikes, swims, and soccer (without cars).

Alpine Percy
Alpine Creamz

Gwilym “Creamz” Muir


Our Welsh-Canadian hard carry Gwilym “creamz” Muir serves as the official substitute for our Alpine Esports team. Creamz has been killing it in competitive Rocket League as an active player over the last 3 years. Gwil spends his free time in the great outdoors with soccer, or swaps his Imperator for a skateboard.

David “Miztik” Lawrie


David “miztik” Lawrie is a Scottish Rocket League coach for Alpine Esports and former player. Miztik is ranked #44 in the UK and #1504 in the world for Rocket League overall earnings and has participated in over 70 tournaments over the course of his career. Miztik has a proven career in developing young talent beyond community expectations – making him the perfect fit for this developing Alpine roster.

Alpine Miztik